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Welcome to Tin-Foil Hat Radio

This site is currently under development and will look better soon!

Tin-Foil Hat radio provides audio streams for your listening pleasure. We currently have many streams running 24/7 with different genres (see list below).

We also provide links to some of our favorite Internet broadcasters, many with live programming during the evenings and weekends.

STREAM NEWS... We've re-arranged a few things and added a new stream.
The Celtic, Cafe Paris, and Gumbo streams are down due to hardware failures.
There is a PayPal link to support the service, if one desires, finds can be donated at
Soon there will be a link added to go there directly... and thank you for your support!

We're still not sure about letting Corbin out of the storage shed...
Keep an eye on the page and on the twitter feed for updates!
If you want to see what streams are up and what they're currently playing, check out the Now Playing page.
It's basic, and it may drive screen-readers crazy, but it continually updates with the current stream info without one having to refresh it manually.

Here are the streams currently running... click your refresh button or F5 for current song titles:
All streams are in mp3 format and should load into your player of choice.


  • SEEBURG1000 - A great site celebrating the Seeburg 100 BackgroundMusic System, featuring some of the best of the Seeburg BMS libraryselections. There is a live link to their stream on the webpage.
  • RADIO DISMUKE- Shellac Pop and Jazz from 1925-1935, with the occasional special program. Listen here!
  • RADIOFREE DISHNUTS - a 24/7 Internet Audio Service with TechShows, Various Music Shows, and a lot of personality! Listen here!
  • WOLF-FM- From Nashville, USA, the greatest hits of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Listen here!
  • WTND-LP- Community radio from Macomb, illinois. Listen here!
  • DEMENTIARADIO - The Kings of Internet Radio comedy. Their site has playlist functions and other cool stuff. Listen HERE!

Support information will be forthcoming