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August 4, 2012

This is a quick update posted via a password protected page

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Me, Tom, Darryl, and Duane doing a show at the home of Mike Dorrough. That's me at the mixer.  Duane is on the left.  Tom is standing behind us.  Darryl is the one whose head got cut off in the upper right  This picture was taken at the home of Mike Dorrough in Wisconsin. I was guest hosting with Tom and Darryl.  We were live on WBCQ. I was talking with Steve Wolf about LPFM and we were really getting into it.  It was a great honor for me to be on the air from Mike's place. It was a very wild night.  Hope you were listening 'cause we don'thave it on tape! (oops)
This quirky off beat production is a mixture of talk, weird music, and comedy.  We talk about technology and how it effects our lives. Favorite topics are the ethical use of technology and privacy issues. We also take your phone calls.  The show is also a strong advocate of C band satellite (the big dish).  Yes, there IS a difference. The show provides entertainment and also therapy for the host.  It turns out that doing a radio show is cheaper than expensive anti psychotic medication.  Go figure.

      "There are of course many problems connected with life, of which
        some of the most popular are `Why are people born?' `Why do
        they die?' `Why do they spend so much of the intervening time
        wearing digital watches?'"
                                                     -Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy

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While listening to the show log intothe #skyscanner chat room on  You will need mirc or similar IRC client.  After installing and running the program, and choosing a nickname, type /server and then /join #skyscanner


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