8 Channel DTMF controller (Board Only)


The DTMF-2 offers you total control of almost any electronic device using the keypad on your phone or two-way radio. Enable, disable, or reset just about anything. Eight individually controllable outputs sink (provide the ground side) of up to 500mA each. This allows use of the DTMF-2 with almost any low voltage system from 6-48 volts. Relays and low current devices can be driven directly Each output can be programmed as latched or momentary. Momentary delays from 0.1 seconds to 25.5 hours are possible. Anything from a brief reset pulse to a 24 hour battery charge is possible with a single command. The delay may also be used to disable something for a period of time. The DTMF-2 also provides a keypad mode, which allows an output to be held on (or off) for as long as the last digit of the code is held. This is ideal for camera pan and tilt control. All programming of the DTMF-2 is done via your keypad. Up to 20 codes of 1-7 digits each may be programmed and assigned a function. This allows programming of multiple codes to do the same thing or programming of different commands with different delays for the same channel. Function codes are also provided to turn on (or off) multiple channels with a single command. An optional login code further extends system security by requiring a separate login code to execute certain commands. Two complete setups may be programmed and selected via a jumpper. All programming may be changed remotely or restricted to change with physical access to the DTMF-2 only. All programming is stored in non-volatile EEPROM memory. The DTMF-2 provides an acknowledge output that can be used to key a transmitter or activate a noise making device, indicating that your command has been successfully executed. An additional audio output with volume control conveys the same information as a tone for use with telephone or radio. A status readback command may also be programmed. This allows you to remotely determine whether a channel is on or off. A mute output with adjustable hang time allows entered tones to be muted. Audio input to the DTMF-2 is balanced line, allowing direct connection to commercial repeaters, broadcast equipment, or telephone line. For unbalanced input, simply ground either input. When used with a telephone, the DTMF-2 does not answer the line, however, when connected across the line, it will hear all tones present. An inexpensive answering machine is all the is required for dialup control. All connections to the DTMF-2 are via mini screw terminals for easy installation.

 DTMF 2 Manual (Updated)

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