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Byron at nfb audio table
visiting byron I get to sit in the pink
chair of honor
I finally signed her cast 8 days before it gets removed
they got me wired up at the sleep clinic
8/2 update.  this is how it looked when we left
on Sunday a day after we
were supposed to be out
she says she is going back!
last one. she thinks she is going back tomorrow.  
this is how she left things
10:30pm when we walked out
well this is what her bedroom is looking like
at 8:45pm the day AFTER she was supposed to
be out of the apartment
I wish I was good enough to torch this apart
and weld it into the frame for a 1/2 scale
radio controlled vehicle.
I wanna build a MALP!
7/31 update
Hey I found this in Lady's desk.  Should I be wondering where
she has been going out to at night??
I finally stepped in and started boxing up stuff in her bedroom.
This is how it looks as of 10:40PM and I give up.  There are 4 pieces of 
furniture that need to come out of that room and none are really accessible.
Who here thinks mom's room is ready for movers tomorrow at 9AM?
It's not as good as Stephanie's but its was only $19
Byron finally finds an apartment he can afford
My corner has been scaled down as
we prepare to get out of here
Pic mom took of Byron and me in matching back belts standing 
by the trailer about to start unloading.  Nice shot of her
thumbnail eh?
We bought a pair of these laptop stands today at Wal Mart.
Byron already found a use for his. 
Someone is sleeping in lady's bed (and snoring).
It's almost ready to go
Assembled and connected
It's together.  Took a while as everything was small and 
several of the parts were unfamiliar to me
New minibox system as it arrived in peices parts
Strange sense of humor some sellers have
Awww, its duane and twitchie
The official "what I got at the hamfest" pic
Hey, look, its the big clock on the wall!
The perfect buffet to hit after a hamfest
Is this guy an Indian (native American variety)?
Wow, that's a big pair of headphones
I think mom is starting to lose it
Custom made spicy ranch (thanks Lady)
Mom's 1st room
Mom's 2nd room
Blair and Byron laptops at NFB meeting
How the hell did the Pinacle usb tv tuner manage to do this????

Ok, wasn't the pinacle.  Turns out there is a key sequence
that does this that I hit by accident.
Tested DTMF boards durring Wayne's show.  Uddle Systems case
is all ready to go to Chicago.  Credit card terminal, shipping
supplies, boards in cases, boards without cases, relay boards
Fan that I made installed
window open from the top with completed board in down position
Here you go Renee, the foot lockers you were looing for.  Ooh,
looking at the pic I just noticed they shrank!
The 1st one installed
Productivity flowing.  Been meaning to do this for years.  This will allow the blinds and the curtains to be lowered from the
top.  This will let the windows be open from the top.
Yes, I tried to get Access America with this
How's this for a stack of Barixen?
for rob.  About $800 worth of barix streamers.  I also have 2
other $400 units (announcicom)
Digital storage scope
Ok now wayne is done
Looks like chris is done
Mmm, meat!
Rebecca, Kelly's friend
chris's girlfriend Kelly
Big bin sale at Wal Mart.  $5.50 for huge ones and $4 for big 
ones.  Great Deal.  There are 2 more inside you can't see.
Spent $46.
muncheis for the secret show
The new embedded computer.
Fedex just showed up.  Oh boy another mixer.  This makes me
think of doing a show.  Noooo, that's just crazy talk.
/me goes back to giving up and quitting.
This bit of productivity (4-21) is dedicated to Danny Mac, 
whose show I was listening to when I accomplished it.
new studio rack.  Those boxes to the right are the rack shelves
new studio rack
Bruce, who I ride to Buddhist meetings with
Talking on irc at the hamfest
Doesn't this look like Hugo from lost???  He says he gets that all the time
Steveo and mike
Cane convention
Mom birthday lunch at OCB
Linux humidifier!
Pre-LTUAE ocb with byron, duane and lady
Lady in the "Fred" wheelchair at the sleep clinic
What else Michelle did
What Mickelle did
My Thanksgiving dinner. You may start
feeling sorry for me now
Bonanza's mascott
The Big Buddha (such as it is)
Sale on soda at Wally World
Say it onion rings!
Duh, huh?  I've pounded on the drive as hard as I can and
I can't get it to go in the usb slot the other way  :-)
mom left me stocked for the winter
Oh Jeff!
"Hey let me out of here. I feel like Keao trapped in the braille jail"
NFB choir
Don't I look sharp... NOT}
Byron looks good
Byron gets a back rub from Kristy
Byron has had enough
Shutgun mic for picking up the crowd
Audio table
Mackie 1402
a group of Tibet Buddhists I met at Frys
Well the kitty is packed an ready to go.
Look KeAnne, it's my dark cloud
What's left
I'm not worthy!!!
I feel like a puppet
they done wired me up
that's one hell of a wheelchair
LeAnne says "it just happened" in the middle of her washing the dishes.  It was twice as high as this before I managed to get to the camera.
Eee PC streaming the 5/10/08 NFB meeting just running on batteries and using the restaurant's wifi.  I was bored.  And that's my lunch next to it.
Testing Eee PC, mobile speaker and 12v cord for the Eee.
February 17, 2009 is coming!
Even more
More stuff I hung up
This was done almost 25 years ago and I gave it to the lady as a present
Stuff I hung for LeAnne
Wow look what the lady brought me for the show!
Three orders shipping in one day.  Another milestone for Uddle Systems!
Here you go ric just for you!
Whew, emptied one
A new home for Byron
the 2nd one.
lots of work to do
Byron says its his TARDIS
One garbage can had been removed before I took the pic.  Like $100/month to store this stuff???
The guy who delivered the things.  Mike, I think
Taking it off the truck
The taking down the forklift
Delivery of mom's two pod storage thingies
Uh oh, we came home to this.  Looks like my sister had a bad day!
What do you mean I have to move for Byron?
Hey, Byron, we got something warm for your bed
Mom dumped the peanuts from Lonestar right into her purse!
Official Lady and Blair birthday pic.  Mom couldn't hold the
cam steady so I had to hold it out at arms length myself.
The gang who showed up to sing happy birthday to LeAnne.  She crawled
under the table.
Lady at Lonestar
And after all the work is done Michelle comes back to put the magnets on and 
take credit for all the work  :-)
Waah, the new one is smaller!
Getting ready
Hey the food has to go somewhere
Still works but the gasket was shot and all the brackets were
missing from the doors.
Old fridge I convinced the management company to replace
Router, modem, switch, access point, voip
The headend at the new lady apartment
Squoze that kitty!
The lady headend near completion
The kitty has found LeAnne's end table
Ok, Michelle, TAKE IT!
My sister stopping in for a visit durring the show
The lady station
The Blair station
Living Room
Living Room
Ok, maybe this is a bit silly
The unit itself
The new H2 is here .. the new H2 is here .. 
I'm someone! (apologies to Steve Martin).
The Big Buddha .. in pieces.  After a new case and a programming
mod it will be going to Byron
It's finished!
The Uddle SC1 board.  This is a swiss army knife board that connects to a
PC serial port or external modem and can control or monitor stuff.
Onion Rings!
The big moment
The coolest beverage serving area I've ever seen
Matt got pissed off
JABBP (Just another Byron Bathroom Pic)
Pic of Wayne's vehicle taken from Freds just because I can.
Pic of Wayne as we passed him.  Fred drives over 1,000 MPH you know.
Hey that's what says.
Byron got sucked into the clothes rack by a lady on the other side
There you go, Renee.  That was the big purchase at Big Lots.
Mom's bedroom
Living room
It's the kitty!
Byron interviews Brandy
Byron's underwear drawer
This week we sit down for a face to face talk with Byron
We're not gonna make it in this big van!
10 Buddhists on the  way to Chicago 
Hey, Chris, I built your test board and it works!
DTMF-2 test setup
Final location of weather station keypad
Was just showing someone what I use for audio in the workshop.
Got to have some good stuff to listen to when attempting productivity!
The new mini bluetooth GPS.  I'm just a little software away
from being able to report my position to my web page via the pda.
Ground view of the wind sensor.  Oops guess I better bring in
that ladder before the show.
Byron drives this leg of the trip.  The braille t-shirt is
a nice touch  :-)
Newly installed rain guage with home-made mount.  I'm not great
with woodworking but I thought it was a decent job.  YES it's
got water seal on it.
Wind speed and direction sensor on top of the pole that has the
Big Buddha antenna on it.
APRS station
w0kie booth located right across from
the rest area
and right by the scooters
"Low battery!"
Uhhhhhhhh ....
Thurs. lunch at golden corral
Can you believe he brought a laptop to
a beffet?
Radio six (motel 6) 106.9 is on the air.
Someone make an ID!
He's trashed and it hasn't even started.
Byron's comment was "the drink of Rob"
leanne is packed
She must be stopped!
Yeah, I'm about to be back in Iowa
The back seat
corn corn corn corn .. look a tree ...
Motivation is ALIVE!
Michi says I haven't done enough mobile
updates lately
I had to have LeAnne take another pic with the better camera to
proove to Renee that I don't have a bald spot.  I do seem to 
have lots of hair though!

Paying homage to Pat's BIG 45 minute opening.
The Barix streaming to
Very cool .. stream in a box.

It's here!
Rubber ducks at the fest
The talk-in station antenna
hap (big geek) holly
Danger Will Robinson!
LeAnne finally opens her Christmas present.  Now are we gonna
see her dance around like they do on TV?
Paying Homage!
Kristy expresses her feelings
The Steak and Shake chowdown
Lester studdies the menu
Now Lester, I know you are glad to have your new TV but you are
taking this a little too far!
Lester finally gets his TV!
The fence has been fixed.
The doorbell that you heard about on LTUAE. Hot gluing to
brick is not easy and the large envelope in the mailbox is
the parts order I've been waiting for!
Michelle demanded an update so ....
Oh no Darryl has fallen asleep on his own show!
More drunken Byron
That Byron done had too much to drink
Duane just after LeAnne told him the champagne was all gone

A threeSOME???
Kristy and her new girlfriend
Byron and his new girlfriend.
Oh no, we KNEW it would come to this!
It's a passed out Darryl
Mr. Bob
"What do you do with a trashed out Byron?"
"What do you do with a trashed out Byron?"
Michelle woke him up at 3PM .. shame shame
Hey who is this bozo?
Ah, Byron is there something we should know???
Looks like the party has already started!
Byron strangles me with his headphone cable for trashing his show
Byron trying to do his show with me trashing him on another stream
A serious geek!
Late Night tech party
Police inspecting damage
Lester at the CBC
Big bottle lester got me for the water cooler that Carmen got me.
Should I keep this by my bed?
Lester got hisself an ouchie.
Present opening aftermath
Lester, they go on your feet you hillbilly!
Damn we are messy
Lester passes out presents
Carmen is a bit tired even before things get going
Santa's helpers
CBC tree and presents
Why does this remind me of Byron?  Lester passed out with
a listening device on.
Lester doing his show.
Truer words were never placed on anyone's door
Lester's new gloves.  Dammit boy, you moved.
He insisted I take one without his eyes covered but I think
the last one if funnier.

Lester gets his present from Kristy early
LeAnne tricked me.  She said "hey go upstairs with your camera
Kristy has put up the tree."
Kristy climbs in bed with Byron.
I bet Michelle is jelous.
Aww, Byron didn't make it.
"Hi Lester!!"
The singing frog
(went fot $25)
Byron burns a CD at the NFB meeting
Byron's new murse

Byron eats his headset trying to get a dense ACB broadcaster wannabe  going
Byron thinks some of my irc comments are cold
Cutting the cake
LeAnne's birthday cake
LeAnne's birthday dinner
Official mobile funzone picture!
Byron's porta show
I cut open the box with the keys to my scooter ... look, its a Dell!
Thanks dad!
The secret overnight show ... shhhhhh!
Note the H4 being used as an external soundcard.
Uh, Byron, that clean laundry you say you don't have is 
right in front of your table!
YABP: Yet Another Byron Pic  :-)
The two love birds
Sorry Byron, we ate it all before you got here
Mmmm, CBC din din
A turkey stuffed Byron
Charlie playing "air broom"
Byron you are a witch
Ooops a deviled egg exploded on LeAnne!
Mom and Michelle 
The finished product
Byron continues work on the deviled eggs
Someone's in the kitchen with Carmen ...
CBC turkey update
Aaaand now we present the egg juggling Byron ...
Fancy toilet seat Kristy bought
Error: 404 Byron Not Found!
Ehhhhh, I ran out of content!
Fee Fie Foe Fum!
When does this happen in the stream?
After mom leaves
What happens when mom comes to visit for one day!
Its the Byron cocoon

Yar matie!
Time to do a show
The lazy co-host
Sometimes ya just feel like wringing his neck
Kristy gets Byron
Help its stuck!
CQ Blair :-)
GQ Byron
See that lady!
Kevin Worley
Scholarship winners
OMG I won!!!!
Byron and I are geeks.  We can\'t deal with the banquet.
bbb Danny!
NFB banquet
Byron hold it still!
Because I'm white and nerdy ... Im just so white and nerdy
Hey, Byron, this girl is from Macomb.  Give her a call.
This guy gave a great speech.  He wrote a book called 
"I'm blind .. so what."  He reminded us of Matt
my little corner 
Byron didnt make it through idol  :-)
Saturday Morning at NFB
The Audio Table
The Friday night setup
Byron can't deal with the "idol" competition.  Maybe he is
having a ringo flashback
Friday evening session
Audio table at NFB
Click on the secret spycam and see Byron brushing his teeth!
Hi Michelle you sexy thing.
When 900 years old you are look as good you will not eeeh.
Quit clowning around Kristy
LeAnne got attacked by the junk
The temp area
The bad news is that the other one is overflowing.
The good news is we emptied one!
Mom's apartment -sigh-
Now what we have here is a NEW lady lava lamp.  If you act
now we'll throw in a Grandstream VOIP adapter and, of course,
the w0kie McGuire card
Just think Byron .. it can be yours as soon as I hear from 
Lester that he has his stuff.
It looks so empty
stuff it in