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You can participate by joining us in the official RFD IRC chat room, to interact during the live shows, or just hang out with us during the non live shows.

You'll need an IRC client that's available in many different OS platforms, such as mIRC, Colloquy, X-Chat, BitchX, Instantbird, Miranda to name a few.

The server you'll need to log into is After you're connected, the channel to join us in, is #skyscanner. If you have trouble with configuring your IRC client, try clicking here.

Another option to join us, is using the Ajax Mibbit client below, just enter in your nick and click connect, it's easy as that!.

**Note: Screen reader users may have issues using this Ajax Mibbit client, your mileage may very on the use.

Some browsers block Mibbit for security reasons; please ensure you disable SSL (https) within your browser if you're having issues.

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