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RadioFree Dishnuts

RadioFree Dishnuts is a small 24/7 internet streaming audio service which has been in operation for 20 years, that's been an ongoing hobby and a labor of love.

Over the years RFD has evolved from being just a 16k dial-up service in the evenings back in 1999, to now a full 24/7 broadband service. RFD has been operated with the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle in mind, keeping the egos out of the works, and NOT out to kick butt & take names, or boasting that we're the best & the baddest on the internet etc.
RFD has a schedule of various shows (live, pre-recorded, simulcast and rebroadcasts of current and past shows) throughout the week, offering a mix of music and talk related shows. The various show hosts on RFD, come from different walks of life, a lot of whom are visually impaired.

Your help is greatly needed!

The main benefactor who has been for many years graciously paying the monthly cost for the server that RadioFree Dishnuts operates on, has concluded, this means the monthly cost will now have to be covered by other means. If you've been a long time listener, or a new listener, value the service and can help out, your support would be greatly appreciated. If you feel you can support making a small dedicated monthly donation, or an occasional one, that would be wonderful in keeping this service running!

You can make your donation / pledge via Paypal that's located on the upper right corner of this page, select the option of a subscription automatic monthly or yearly pay, or just the single pay option. If you would like to have your name mentioned on the air as being one of those that helped pay for the server costs for the month, please leave a note in the comment box, of wanting to be credited, when you make your donation.


Recent updates:

Schedule changes

Starting on May the 5th, the Random Records and Stuff Show, now will be live on RFD, Sunday's at 6pm ET. / 5 CT. / 4 MT. / 3 PT. / 22 UTC.

And starting on May the 7th, the Radio Free Roadkill Show moves to Tuesday's, starting at 7pm ET. / 6 CT. / 5 MT. / 4 PT. / 23 UTC.



The RFD family has suffered a loss :-(

On April 23rd, 2016 Duane "Duke" Wittingham aka. RadioDude had passed away from complications of kidney disease and diabeties

1972 - 2016

Rest in Peace Duane, You're Missed!!

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